The Everyday Awesome
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Who We Are

Behind the CURTAIN

We are opinionated, unapologetic, sweet, strong and candid as they come.  We rant, we rave, we get to the bottom of what makes everything awesome.

Our passion is to share the amazing stories of ordinary people turned extraordinary; risk-takers that discovered how to merge their passions with their everyday lives. These success stories aim to inspire and challenge our global community to set aside self-doubt, nurture ideas and create a sense of fulfillment everyday. We believe in creating our own opportunities, giving ourselves permission, implementing ideas and expressing our hearts. We no longer accept what is, but what can be.  We want everyday to be talk-worthy, memory-inciting and future-inspiring.

So let’s not wait on the world, let’s shape the one we want to see, together.

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I love traveling, dancing & especially ice cream.

Growing up in New Jersey, I knew I wanted to see more of the world. After moving to California, I got so inspired by the culture, opportunity, and artistic atmosphere that it really awakened my creativity. I began painting and creating on a new level with people in my life supporting me.

While working in the art department in the entertainment world, I got to experience what happens when a team of people come together to build something unimaginable. That understanding changed the way I see the world today. When we come together, anything is possible. That’s where The Everyday Awesome began.

Life motto: Just say Yes, and figure the rest out later.

Most favorite thing I've done: Eating amazing chocolate gelato in Florence, Italy.

Least favorite: Doing laundry.

*Artist, wife, and soon to be mother - Amy


I love art, animals & a psychological thriller or two.

I'm a Maine native and California transplant. I've experienced the best of both coasts and live for opportunities to explore everything in-between and beyond. I live and work in Los Angeles helping to create new worlds in the art departments of television and film.

 Writing is a passion of mine. I find that each story in life has the ability to transform as much as one crafted on the page. I'm drawn to the idea that one can erase, write and rewrite their own story into reality. Since moving to LA, I've often heard, "Fake it 'til you make it." I prefer, believe it and you'll see it. 

Life motto: Eat.Sleep.Explore and do it some more ... in that order.

Most favorite thing I've done: Renting a bike (and not knowing the roads rules) in Amsterdam. 

Least favorite: Mistaking caviar for salsa.

*Curtsy *Bow *Charmed - Athena